Mini Madcaps

Mini Madcaps provides childcare for children aged 3-4 years, following a programme of opportunities which are both fun and educational. Mini Madcaps offers flexible childcare throughout the year.

Our specialised team of early years staff listen to your child's ides and interests and plan activities for that individual. Our staff encourage the children to develop independence, with an excitement and interest in their activities.

Activities will include - Computer skills, Sensory games, Role play, Outdoor learning, Forest school skills, Cooking, Trips, Maths development, Discovery of the world around us. Everything is play based, our planning is 50% adult led and 50% child led (working from their interests and ideas).

We celebrate birthdays, international festivals, family special moments and our individual successes with parties, food and fun.

Using our minibus we visit lots of places, we also walk to the park, the shops and the library. Our trips include - the vets, the farm, the butterfly park, the seaside, the garden centre and lots more. We try to support topics by enabling the children to have first hand experiences of the world, e.g. we all travelled to peterborough on the train to see what a station looked like when we were planning our railway station role play area.

Our meals and snacks are all based on a healthy eating programme, menus are planned monthly and children and their parents can let us know their likes/dislikes and dietary or cultural requirements. There are lots of opportunities to cook and to discover new foods.

We greatly value the relationship between ourselves and our parents, we work closely with parents to ensure we are offering their child the opportunity for development and to meet their needs fully.

Our Preschool is open from 9 - 3.15 and children can also access our wrap around times from 7.30 - 6 in order to offer full day care.

Parents are able to access both the standard 15 hour funding and also the new 30 hour funding.

We are excited to introduce 2 new areas this year which are currently under development - our giant sandpit area with tunnel, slide and water pump for endless fun and our natural 'forest school' area with lots of special dens and discovery.

There will be new toilets this summer too, with special pre-school cubicles.