Our Activities

Our setting is zoned to enable children to make choices of activities more easily -

Sports Zone - football, cricket, swimming, hockey, basketball, tennis, rounders, badminton, athletics and lots more

Pirate Garden - Slide, Climbing wall, ball pit, gardening area, outdoor construction, chickens, rabbits, wall games ..........

Outdoor Zone - team games, skipping, roller skating, parachute games, silly races, kite flying, playground games, water fun .....

Craft Zone - painting, pottery, embroidery, marbling, model making, Hama beads, weaving, jewellery, junk modelling, design, scrapbooking, card making and lots more

Play Zone - home area, puppets, lego, playmobil, sylvanian families, small world, duplo, electronic games, board games, toys, chess, draughts.................

Fun Zone - face painting, dressing up, disco, drama, parties, pool, air hockey, table tennis, karaoke, dance mats

Technology Zone - 4 PCs linked to Internet via safe network, PS2, X Box 360, Wii, Wii Fit, Kinnect, electronic toys and games

Sensory Zone - quiet zone - bubble lamp, interactive lighting, den, furry book area, mirrors, soft play floors, soft music. noisy zone - disco lights, interactive lighting, music, stage, dressing up, mirrors

Cooking - Our children love to cook and we regularly make food together - we run regular cookery sessions, some of our children have made whole meals and we are creating our own Madcaps Cookery Book. A lot of our cookery is seasonal and international - we like to try recipes for different festivals.

Trips - We love to go out and have recently been on trips to the seaside, the zoo, Duxford, several farm parks, strawberry picking, the garden centre, the travel agents and by special request - Primark for some older girls. We often go to Bourne woods for forest skills and den building in the holidays.